It’s Official

Truly excited to be part of an upcoming anthology project at Christmas Press in the Land Down Under!  Little steps leading to my name and pictures in print.  Which is kind of awesome.

Ginger Small thinks so too, so she has her bullhorn out and is announcing to all who will listen.


7 thoughts on “It’s Official”

    1. Thank you!!!! and fyi, I am headed to the Emerald Isle on the heels of Taos trip this year. Still reeling (ha! music pun!!) from this decision but really excited to see what opportunities unfold over there. Will have a camera and sketchbook of course and see what happens! Oh, and yes, the flute, Of Course!!!!!

          1. Alas, I think we may be practically high-fiving over the Atlantic as she will likely be over here. Looking ever so forward to Swannie tho. You’re coming back, I hope???

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