Amy Bogard is an artist and “seeker” currently living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio. When not found doodling in her Illuminated Journal, Amy can be found walking the woods with her dog, Philomena, and hanging out with her family or just exploring and sketching the amazing river town in which she is lucky to live. Like most artists, curiosity is a constant…. other interests include (but aren’t limited to) Irish Music, embroidery, traveling, knitting, making soup and day dreaming.

Email me at abeefrnd@gmail.com with any work related inquiries. (FYI, agents, and etc, I am currently not represented by anyone in that way, but I am open to possibilities.)


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  1. Hi Amy, I enjoy getting the latest of what is going on with the art scene at the academy. The above is my home email and you may send invites here. Sure wish I could join this Taos trip as Taos is one of my favorite places for inspiration. Thing about inquiring about my cousin, Tom Noble. I believe that his studio is open for tours. He is a recipient of the governor’s award and is a native of Taos. Hope you all have a wonderful experience. Please keep the emails coming. Someday I will join you. Sketch journaling is something that I definitely going to start doing.

    Kathie Leno

    1. Hi Jeanne!
      The website has (finally) been updated! You will find a ‘subscribe’ option now. I hope it works for you! Do let me know if it doesn’t. Working out the bugs takes a village! 🙂
      Warmest Regards,

  2. Amy, I love your work! How can I get you to illustrate my children’s book? I have finally gathered the courage to pursue my dream of being a children’s book author and I am on a mad hunt for the perfect illustrator. Please e-mail me if you might be able to help me out.

  3. Hello Amy
    The Carroll Concertina reference brought me on to your blog. My granddaughter Raonaid plays the concertina and at twelve years is ready for an upgrade. She having attended the ‘Noel Hill’ music school for the past couple of years at Milltownmalbay, Co. Clare is giving the ‘Carroll’ some consideration.
    Oh! that wet, drippy day that reminds you of Ireland. Yes, you’re right about that but described here in County Limerick: “A soft Day Out” Enjoyed the post
    Kindest regards

    1. Hi Danny! And thanks for writing! I hope to see Raonald’s name on the board at work soon! Do let us know if y’all have any questions about our instruments. Its a pleasure to work on them!
      Yes to ‘soft days’. They are often the most beautiful.

  4. Hi Amy, I own a store in downtown Taoscalled Creative Taos. I would like to offer the participants to your workshop at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house a 15% discount on supplies while they are here. If you would provide me with the number of total participants I will be happy to deliver coupons to the venue with your name for you to distribute.

    1. Hi Katie! I am just now seeing this here on the website (which is being rebuilt!) I am so glad you emailed me and that my students got to visit your wonderful shop and partake of all the magical and mysterious mixed-media wares you have on hand there. Thanks again for making our group feel so very welcome and we will hopefully see you next year!!

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