Take Two

It is morning in New Mexico.  The sun has come up over Taos Mountain and we have been given the gift of a new day.

The week ahead beckons.  Our weary band of travelers begin their workshop week today, diving into the colors in their little traveling watercolor sets.  I encourage students to bring what they have or what they’d like to learn with, so there are potentially multiple kinds of paints to explore today.  One of my favorite things is to solve individual art problems with each person, helping them craft a travel journal that is all their very own.  I can’t wait to get started.

I appreciate the patience of my dear Patrons as we figure out the tech angle on things here in NM and in the interface between my blog/website platform and Patreon itself.  So this is a “public” post which will be here on Patreon as well as on my blog.  More soon.



come on along

Greetings from beautiful Taos NM!  I’ve arrived with Hub and Pup in tow for a few days of reacquainting myself with this place before getting down to business with the workshop at Mabel’s.  It is both strange and familiar to once again find myself here after 2 years away due to the pandemic.

You can follow along on all the adventures and discoveries over on my Patreon page for just a dollar a month.  And of course, if you want to chip in more, there are arty gifts to follow.  This is a handmade thing of value, this blog.  I appreciate the patronage and support of my readers.  With the noise and algorithms of the social media realm, I’ve found myself shifting focus to where what I do is of true value, not just yelling into the void.  So thank you for reading.  Thank you for throwing a few coins into the proverbial hat of this traveling artist.

I’ll see you in the high desert.

A taste of practice

****Note, this is a “public” post.  An offering to all, as I will do occasionally and have done for many years pre-patreon.  Please consider supporting my patreon page if you have not done so already if you like what you read here.  In gratitude…. 

Spring has truly sprung here.  Iris’s are blooming and wee fawns can be found along the edges of things, deposited by their mothers in hopeful safety and quietude while they go off to forage.  I wanted to share a bit of how I prepare for my upcoming workshop in Taos, New Mexico.

The desert will be very different from this verdant river valley.  It always is.  And there will be adjustments for sure upon our arrival.  But delving into my new sketchbook with some writing and a few basic color matching swatches can be just the thing for warming up.  This way I can hit the ground running, painting in one of my favorite landscapes.

In the long run, this artistic practice is all about opening my eyes to really see what is in front of me, no matter where I am.  And this begins here at home, before any travels commence.  It could be so easy to overlook the little things.

But I am here to notice, to take note.  To observe and recreate color and line and form as best I can.  To remember this moment in time.

Like this small fawn (who will surely come by to nibble my dahlias later this summer once he’s grown!) I rest a bit until ready to go forth into the world properly.


Come chase the light…..

In a matter of weeks, I’ll be departing for New Mexico for my annual “illuminated travel journal” workshop, held most years at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos.  Usually by this time, all the plans are firmly in place and there are a host of folks gathering supplies, building pre-workshop community online and finalizing travel plans.  As with all things in the covid era, this year is different.  But, with cautions in place, and hope in my heart, I am forging ahead with this year’s workshop.  The scope of the workshop is more intimate – only half the size of regular years, in keeping with New Mexico’s covid-safety guidelines.  There is a certain expected fluidity in covid-era plans, and thus, this finds me with a slot open in the Taos class this year.

If you find yourself looking for a way to dip your toes back into travel, but in a way that doesn’t feel like an onslaught, this trip might be for you.  Including myself and my trusty assistant and dear friend Rosemary, we are merely a group of 10.  All attending will be vaccinated.  Two of three meals a day will be taken at Mabel’s together, and there are plenty of take out options available locally in Taos.  Rooms are single occupancy.

I’d love if you could join us this year.  These are strange times indeed.  What better way to catalog them than in a painted journal.  A keeper of the beauty around us we might otherwise miss while weathering the storms of current events.  Send me an email at abeefrnd@gmail.com if you need more information.  Here is the link to the trip details: https://www.amybogard.com/taos-new-mexico/

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