gold behind the green

  We can see it in the light just lately.  A goldening behind the lush greens of late summer. This morning I take the dogs outside.  I take note.  And return with my camera to capture these fleeting light-moments. I begin looking closer.  The colors beckoning. Capturing changing light, shifting colors of the mood of more »


There comes a time in late August, every summer, where I take note of a slight shift in the light in and around things. This is a visual thing, having nothing to do with temperatures, which at this time of year in our Ohio River Valley, tend to be a bit stifling.  But this goldening more »

A Golden Opportunity and a Call to Action

It is a blustery and quite rain-drenched day here in the Ohio Valley.  Indoors, Ginger Small and I are carefully weaving together our plan for the work that will be done in just a few month’s time back in our home-away-from home in Taos. But we need your help in turning this plan into a more »


“… and you better be you, and do what you can do…..” Above is a video of one of my very favorite songs of all time and I share it with you here because there was some serious gold…. and silver and bronze…. brought back home to Cincinnati from the Fleadh in Chicago this weekend. more »