Illuminated Travel Journal Workshop – Taos, NM June 2024!!


Dates for 2024 are June 9-15. 

Check in Sunday June 8, check out Saturday June 15, 2024


Amy Bogard’s Illuminated Travel Journal Workshop  

June 9-15, 2024!!  

Mabel Dodge Luhan House Historic Inn and Conference Center

We will meet as a group for the first time early Sunday evening (June 9) for introductions and an optional meal together out in town. Classes will be each day, Monday through Friday with a celebratory dinner on Friday evening (This special dinner at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House is included in the cost of the workshop) . There may be occasional evening classes depending upon day time activities. While the workshop ends officially after the Friday evening meal and closing ceremonies, we will have breakfast at Mabel’s Saturday morning together before departure.  Please make your travel plans accordingly.  Extra days before or after the workshop should be booked directly with Mabel’s.

Contact me, Amy Bogard, directly at to secure your space with a non-refundable deposit of $300.

Early Registration – full payment due on or before Dec. 31, 2023 

(Specific room requests will be honored if at all possible, first come, first served with an up-charge for certain spaces.)

Single Occupancy:  $2,160

Double Occupancy:  $2,010

Pay in full By March 31, 2024:

Single Occupancy:  $2,376

Double Occupancy:  $2,226

Learn and apply the tools, tricks and techniques that will bring your travel sketchbook journal to life!


Open to all skill levels from drawing beginners to pros looking for a fresh perspective.

New and lifelong journalers alike are welcome!

Workshop fee includes 5 days of workshop instruction by Amy and 24 hour classroom access at Mabel’s during workshop time.  Also, your room with full bath, gourmet breakfasts and lunches, as well as a special farewell dinner at Mabel’s on our final evening together.


There is time built in for self guided field trips to iconic sites in/around Taos in between instruction times;  opportunities for excursions and solitary drawing as well as class time and exercises.
Amy will be available for one-on-one assistance and support.
How to register?       
email………  (I will get back to you within a few days at the latest, unless I am traveling, in which case it might be a day or two more. )

or by phone…………………………. 513-289-1662  (I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know, so be sure and leave a clear message! thanks!)


$300 non-refundable deposit due to hold your spot.

Early registration:  (Full payment due on or before December 31, 2023)

Single:  $2,160, Double $2,010

After December 31, 2023  (full balance due by March 31, 2024)

Single Occupancy:  $2,376           Double Occupancy:  $2,226

Note:  Above prices are based on Juniper House lodging.  If you would like to stay in the Historic House specifically, there will be an added cost.  Just let me know!  🙂

Please note that “commuter” rates are not currently available.  

Your workshop fee includes delicious gourmet breakfasts and lunches with the class in Mabel’s historic dining room, as well as our final celebratory dinner together.   Mabel’s gladly accommodates food allergies and insensitivities with prior notice which we will collect when you register. 

Please note that while Taos, NM is a modern town, it is still a bit out of the way and off the beaten track compared to many places.  Wireless internet access can be spotty at times, and the climate and altitude can be harsh for those with physical challenges.  As a nationally recognized historic property, the Mabel Dodge Luhan House has uneven footing in places and so care must be taken when walking from place to place.  Sturdy shoes and even a walking stick might be in order.  Taos’s altitude is nearly 7000′, so staying hydrated is essential.  While all of these things can present challenges, they can also add to that magical sense of “away-ness” we seek when we attend an intensive workshop.  Together we will navigate the wind and weather and remain as comfortable as possible as we work!

If you would like to bring along a non-workshop participant (a friend, partner or family member) there is a companion fee for accommodation option to consider. Contact me for further information about this option.   

Map to taos

I have offered this workshop at Mabel’s for many years and it is my flagship class. Each year brings new people, beginners and old salts alike and the alchemy of the group enchants me every year.  I do hope you can join us for this very special class.

~~Where it all began…… Back in August, 2009, I went to Taos, New Mexico on a little road trip out of Denver with a dear friend.   Looking back over that blog post, I see that I wrote the following: “I’d love to teach a travel sketchbook workshop here someday… it would be a wonderful excuse to get back to Taos!”

Well guess what folks… that wish has come true! What started out as a small notion in my heart about the beauty of Taos and what it might offer to students as well as to myself has become a reality.

I, along with up to 16 students will travel to Taos for a 5 day/ 6 night intensive travel sketch journaling workshop (see dates for this year above).  We will be staying at the historic and magical Mabel Dodge Luhan House which offers amazing meals and comfortable accommodations as well as a gorgeous classroom space in which to play in our sketch journals.  There will also be opportunities to take a few field trips away from Mabel’s to experience other sides of Taos. This workshop is open to all levels.

Once in Taos, beginners will receive the hands on guidance they need, while more accomplished artists can explore Taos and collect their findings in their books back in the classroom at Mabel’s.  We can work artist to artist to make our travel journals shine with Taos Magic!  It is my belief that all artists can learn from one-another, no matter the level!

This trip has  been going on for a number of years now, and each year there are new things to try and new exercises to learn, along with the tried and true from years past.  Below are some blog posts from past trips to give you an idea of how spectacular time in Taos can be.  And how no two trips to Taos are alike!!

2020…… COVID  🙁

2019…… here

2018…… Taos (on route to Ireland!)

2017……..Lucky number 7! 

2016……….. part 1, part 2

2015……… here, here, here, and here  (and a special fall trip in between!! here

2014……. here     and      here

2013…….. here

2012…….part 1, part 2

2011…… part 1, part 2part 3 , part 4,  part 5




“I’m deeply grateful for the opportunities you’ve facilitated through your workshop.  Amy, when you fling open the Juniper House doors and stir the creative pot of Mabel’s legacy, Magic happens.  Unleashed into a space pulsing with anticipation, your energy swirls and settles around us in a joyful and gentle comfort.  We’re home and we’re safe to explore, to express and to grow.  My sketchbook is no longer a project.  It’s now my friend.  Thank you for leading this horse to water and showing me how to drink.  I’ll never be thirsty again.”   ~ Donna A.  

“I highly recommend Amy’s class and the trip to Taos.  I met wonderful people through the experience, people whose paths I never would have crossed otherwise.  It was an emotionally nurturing experience, contemplative, but also adventurous.  In Taos and at Mabel Dodge, you can be as outward as you are inward, whatever you choose.  It all depends on you.  The freedom is there.”   ~Valerie

“The Taos Journaling trip with Amy Bogard was sensational!!  Mabel Dodge Luhan House was the perfect location; great staff, outstanding food, and beautiful surroundings.  The creative energy of this place, and of Taos made this workshop a magical experience, beyond my dreams.   Amy Bogard’s talented and generous guidance encouraged personal growth in each one of us.  Although I had no experience in journaling, previously, this workshop took my collage work to a whole new level.  And I made many wonderful new friends.  Don’t miss this opportunity!” ~ Pamela

“The Taos trip was my excuse to finally visit the American Southwest, somethng I’d always wanted to do.  I had absolutely no prior experience with sketchbook journaling and wasn’t even sure what it was or if I’d find it useful. But I found I enjoyed the workshop exercises enormously and the positive feedback from Amy and the other ‘Taoseñas’.  The local color and natural wonders were  inspiring.  I could not get enough of New Mexico and am determined to go again someday. It was an unforgettable journey.” ~ Joanne

“Spectacular scenery to sketch and to just enjoy, kindred spirits to enjoy it with, wonderful food, amazing experiences around every corner and a teacher who knows how to coax the best out of you and the moment – what more could you ask for? Because of the unique atmosphere of New Mexico, Taos and the Mabel Dodge Luhan house, you can be as solitary or social as you like.   I thoroughly enjoyed my Taos sketchbook experience on a number of levels and plan to continue the adventure next year.  It is a wonderful thread to have running though my life. ” ~ Jo

No matter what you THINK your artistic ability is, Amy will bring out the best in you–show you stuff you didn’t know you had!  Taos and the Mabel Dodge Luhan House are the perfect place for this workshop–inspiration around every corner.  After three months, I am still “suffering” from the positive effects of last year’s workshop!” ~ Penny

“This workshop changed my life.” ~Astrid

“Amy teaches each artist how to find their own individual visual voice on the pages of their sketchbook.”  ~Rosemary

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    • amy February 13, 2014 - 10 years ago

      Thanks! Pass along the workshop opportunity!!

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  • Betty Kirin Oliver September 15, 2016 - 8 years ago

    Hold a place for me in the 2017 workshop

    • amy September 27, 2016 - 8 years ago

      Betty, Consider it done! I am just back in town from a rather off-grid trip and will email you with details this week! Thanks!!!!

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  • Patrick Mahoney October 18, 2018 - 6 years ago

    Ciao Amy! If you have interest in the idea of a Travel Journal workshop in Tuscany with Toscana Americana Workshops in 2019 I would be happy to discuss it further with you! Grazie! Patrick

    • amy October 26, 2018 - 6 years ago

      Thanks Patrick! I’d love to discuss this! I’ll email you!


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