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The Depths of a Dark Forest

Sometimes, a bit of this…

blank board and bits

can, with time and some fiddling, become a little something like this.



And then, one might add a bit of this….



In which case, one might end up with a small painting, such as this…

and a painting results

I have spent today thinking a bit about the forest of the creative unconscious and how to tap into it.  Or does it tap into me, should I provide conditions which allow it? This is a ponderous question a poet friend of mine over in the twitterverse posed this morning.  Is it a walk down a forested path, lined with birch trees? Or perhaps wild music, the words of which are sung in a whole other language that speaks more to the soul than to the mind? It is all of the above, combined with the scent of a palette glistening with fresh oil paints.  In this small painting an old fashioned fellow has found himself warmed by a campfire in a dark wood.  Very near to him is a ladder upon which he may climb for a door which may lead to the seed of ideas yet to be had.  Where are your ponderings leading you today?

door detail copy

“A dream is a personal experience of that deep, dark ground that is the support of our conscious lives, and a myth is the society’s dream. The myth is the public dream and the dream is the private myth. If your private myth, your dream, happens to coincide with that of the society, you are in good accord with your group. If it isn’t, you’ve got an adventure in the dark forest ahead of you.” ~Joseph Campbell