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i heart sheboygan

Last weekend I was able to steal away to Sheboygan, Wisconsin for a visit to my dear friend and fellow artist Michelle Miller.  She and two other Sheboygan based artists, Gregory Brulla and Erica Jane Huntzinger opened a gorgeous show at a place called Ebco saturday night.  All of the work was beautiful and thought provoking.  I took a few pictures that evening but was having more fun meeting new people and simply looking at all the great art.

Michelle’s work uses a slew of interesting materials from panty hose and potatoes to mylar which is used to encase batteries.  She utilizes a dialogue between the work and architecture putting the viewer in the position of being in the middle of it all.  All three artist’s work blended nicely together and for a small town, Sheboygan turned out a pretty large group of art lovers and supporters making for a great evening over all.

So why Sheboygan, of all places?  Well Michelle was part of a project awhile back called M.I.K.E and fell in love with the place.  After a stint in Brooklyn, she made the decision to head back to Sheboygan where nature is closer, rent is cheaper and art can be made without carrying one’s supplies on the subway.

There is a great art vibe in Sheboygan, thanks in part to the Kohler Art Center. We visited to see some amazing art there but alas, the only thing I was permitted to photograph was the tiling in the bathroom.  It was worth photographing, for certain!

Not all of our time in Sheboygan was spent geeking out on art.  Most of our time was actually spent out of doors (ok, no surprise there).  The town is situated on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Having traveled to Lake Erie and now Michigan, I am thoroughly in love with the Great Lakes and plan to spend more time there in the future.  Although the air temperature was fairly mild during my stay there, the water temp seemed frigid when I touched it.  Even so, I was pining to be ON the water instead of just next to it.  Maybe next time.

For this trip, I was happy to gather a handful of pebbles, spend time with a dear friend and partake in local things such as honeycrisp apples and cheese curds.  Honestly, they are not that bad.  They only sound gross.

Now I am back home, inspired and working loads.  It’s a good place to be.  I have some new images to share of wax work but I think I will save that for my next blog.