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The Little Town of Spirals


As I may have mentioned before, I have always loved the idea of making a children’s picture book. I have a few ideas as well as a few sketches and figure that at some point, I’ll focus in on a specific project and make it happen. When that time comes, I won’t have to look far for advice on how to get the job done.

My friend and fellow Irish Musician here in Cincinnati, Cindy Mayti has been navigating the birthing process of her first children’s book called The Little Town of Spirals. Inspired by her travels in Ireland, Cindy’s book features a town where spirals are everywhere and readers, young and old alike, can look for repeating patterns in the town as well as in nature.

It has been so exciting to check in with Cindy as she received copies of what the pages would look like; the printing and the layout. She has described the entire process as something like getting married and giving birth all in the same fell swoop!

So even though I am feeling a little sluggish in my own art-making in recent weeks (ah the quiet beauty of winter time!) I am fortunate to be constantly surrounded by other artists from whose work I can take a bit of inspiration. Congratulations to Cindy and to every artist who is seeing hard work come to such measurable fruition.

I think I’ll go draw a sleeping dog…