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Back to the daily grind, er, dog


I spotted the above quote at this site and it immediately resonated with me. Slowly but surely I am settling back into my comfort zone here in the studio. This morning I woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee and started drawing dogs. I feel desperately out of practice. But here is what I came up with…




One of the constant themes/ struggles in my work world is how to balance the things that make a living with the things that feed my artist soul. I am enjoying the chance to get back into the studio to work but am very aware that the work I do in the studio, as well as on my blog aren’t what keep me afloat financially. I have my ever patient and supportive spouse along with a multitude of part time jobs for that. How do I reconcile this? I am not certain. I just know that drawing is a centering process for me and is a good activity all around, like any exercise. I also know that I can’t afford to think too much about things or I wind up stuck in the muck of my own spinning wheels.

So I am drawing and spending time outside and with my family. Last night I visited the spot where I left the hawk in my woods. Ok, it might sound gross to some people, but I was interested to see how broken down the carcass might be and if any woodland creature had maybe carried it off. I was surprised to see that it was indeed still where I laid it and it has decayed quite a bit. In its own stark way, it is really beautiful and I took some photos. Perhaps this is the sort of abstract thing I should be trying to convey in wax. The shapes are vaguely familiar, but without knowing what you are looking at, it might be difficult to tell what it is (ribcage).


This is the stuff floating around in my head and on my sketchbook pages. I’m going back outside… then maybe to a movie. I hear Indiana Jones is back in theaters!