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First crop

Last autumn, we popped in a little batch of garlic lovingly sent to us from a dear one in Maine.  The garden out back was to be a long term project of building soil and perhaps constructing a fence some time in the coming years.

With the arrival of these uncertain pandemical times, we opted to speed the garden up a bit.  There is no energy quite like the fight/flight/flee level energy of anxiety.  The fence went in around the fledgling garlic plants, and they didn’t seem to mind.  A few other things have been popped in here and there as well and now it’s all just doing what first year gardens do.  Which isn’t a whole lot to see.  But the soil is developing, there are worms and other creepy crawlies attending to the work at hand and the plants that can grow, do.

We learn along the way about how to grow food, breaking down the dense clay of our modern day ignorance.  Baby steps, I say.

And suddenly, just like that, we have a lovely crop of garlic bulbs which we can cook with in the coming months, saving a few to do it all again next year.

I’ve repurposed a bit of old fencing to allow the bulbs to cure.

That’s one pre-trip chore down….. now, back to work!!