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what’s stewing in studio

Current projects brewing here in the studio include a second music video for my friend and fab music maker, Kim Taylor (this gal makes a mean mocha latte too, btw). This time around, now that I have gotten my feet wet in both the movie making software and in the moving pictures realm, the video will probably include some stop motion animation. In searching for examples of others doing this type of “art meets music in video” work, I have stumbled across the following two videos:

The first is Rock My Boat by a band called DNTEL. I had never heard of them and really like this song as well as the amazing animation that accompanies it here.

The second video is one I came across on an art blog while researching a completely different project regarding Blue Heeler dogs (more on that later). It is by a band called Mum for their song They Made Frogs Smoke til They Exploded off of their album Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy. The art work and motion in this video are stunning, to put it simply.

I now know what to shoot for (at least eventually) in this line of work and I feel inspired that there are other artists out there doing it so beautifully. As for today… I am still in Daily Dog mode. Stewing and brewing these new ideas.