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Corner office, with a view

    Curious deer gazing in my window

I have been home in my new home studio space for about 5 months now and still marvel daily at how wonderful it is.  This light filled, quiet work space was one of the selling points of this house we decided to move to.  I love it.  For the first time ever my tools, technology, inspiration, family and kitchen are all under one roof.  There is nothing like having a pot of chili on the stove, kids quietly doing homework, the dog snoozing on the couch and me getting real work done, all happening at the same time!
There are things I miss about my old house, (primarily its “oldness”), and things I miss about my former studio space (the company of my Blue Door Studio mates), but frankly, things couldn’t be better here.  I step into this space each morning and breathe a deep sigh of gratitude, and wave to anyone who might happen to be peering into my window with a curious gaze.