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This week In The Garden: Tilled

As the inevitable blanket of shade begins to fill in the bright spots in our yard, ferns continue to pop up and make spaces for the bunnies to hide in….

But up the road, things are progressing in the Amberley Village Community Garden.  The other night we walked the dogs up there and discovered the patch had been tilled, just in time for yesterday evening’s garden orientation where we met our fellow gardeners, chose our plots,  and were introduced to our water tank system.

It was a blustery day in the hundred acre wood…..

You can begin to see where the plots will be.  We are fortunate to be using crunched up tree branches from the village as mulch on the pathways between plots.  Our deer fence will arrive in early May.

We sheltered from the wind for a bit to talk about the garden and how it’s going to work.

This is our water tank which is fed from the roof of an old golf clubhouse.  It was filled in just 2 rains.  Amazing!!

We shall have to be careful not to leave the water on this summer.  We will take turns monitoring the shut off valve each evening.

There’s a cool bulletin board at the clubhouse/garden shed area that already has a few announcements.  I’m excited to see what shapes up here in the future as this community grows right alongside it’s vegetables.  Our village has a reputation of being the type of place where, due to our lovely green spaces between houses, no one ever really communicates.  But I sense a hunger for neighborliness that this garden will feed, along with our tummies!!  It will be wonderful to see what everyone is growing this summer.  Many of us are veggie garden newbies.  I’ve had tomatoes and lettuces and such but not too much beyond that.  I am not even sure what to plant!!  So far I’m thinking tomatoes for canning, onion, basil, beans, maybe some broccoli, brussel sprouts…. oh the list goes on.  We shall see, and I’ll of course keep you posted.