Divinity in the room

Dawn is beginning to break here. I will go for a run here in a bit. No better way to start the day. But first I must share….

Last night I attended a poetry event. It was suggested by two people I trust and so, in spite of it being a ‘dirty, wild’ night out of wind and rain, I donned my rain gear and out I went. My intention was to sit and sketch while the poet read his work. But this was no ordinary poet reading from a tome of his thinkings. This was Stephen Murphy who recites his work in such a way that there is nothing to do but pay close attention and be fully present.

I snapped the above photo before he got started.

His work is at times heavy and dark, other times funny. Always so very human. There had to be 40 people in the pub (yes a pub!) and one could have heard a pin drop. No phones. No distractions. Pure attention on this one writer pouring his heart out to us all. It was incredibly moving. I realized that I had come across his work before, during the pandemic, and knew that when I got home, I could find some YouTube clips to send to you all here, so that you too could get a taste.

First, an Email from Dog to Man

He then recited one from Cat which had different undertones. Both got chuckles and nods.

Then, before intermission, this one.

The video above is of him doing this poem in the very same spot we saw him in last night. It’s a powerful piece of work and he talked about mental health and the need for us all to look out for one another. There is an incredible vulnerability in him that is heart-wrenching and inspiring.

I think I may have witnessed a bit of the divine potential of human beings at that poetry event last night. Not just of the poet, but of those of us receiving his work. Everyone fully there in that moment.

As I start this day, and perhaps by the time you’re reading this, as you begin yours, my wish for all of us is this intense level of presence. It’s heart-opening to say the least.

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