The dance of creativity

There’s been a storm in my head in recent days. And it’s been pretty blustery out of doors as well. Perhaps there is a connection there. So many things I want to tackle. So many things I HAVE to tackle – for the workshops and the feeding of them; for this residency, so I feel as if I’m getting the most of it.

I’ll admit to feeling quite overwhelmed really. This minor burn out was probably only a matter of time as I always melt down a bit after teaching a workshop, especially if it’s a new one. New people to work with, a new place to navigate. New light and material to sketch. Everything different and unknown. I’m not sure I gave enough credit to how much strain all of it could be. It adds up. Even after all these years of doing what I do. This is the price of caring deeply I suppose. I want it all to go well, so that maybe I might have the great gift to try it once more.

It appears this will indeed be happening in August of 2023 for the Ireland trip. It’s all in the back channels for now but I feel I can share it here with you. And perhaps save a place for you if you are interested. More information and details as they come, but for now we are busy marketing and crowing on about how this is the course to take. And it is. I just cringe to crow about it. The mere act of getting the word out about these workshops of mine feels like pulling teeth. I just want to make my work and share it with those who are interested. I want to bring along like minded souls who might want to learn a bit of watercolor. So we might open our eyes to the world together.

So today I let the chores sit to the side. A bit at least. (There are always numbers to be crunching.). I allowed myself to reflect on an amazing little visit out to Ballybunion with our host here, Olive Stack. She owns the gallery we are living above and working a few days a week at in exchange for the space to do our own art work. Last night she picked us up just before sunset and we drove out to put the starlings to bed.

I made a little video on Instagram which conveys their dancing and shares a bit of video. You can find that here.

The magic of this murmuration phenomenon cannot be overstated and we were simply enchanted. I’ve been thinking about these little birds all day.

I learned that the Irish word for starling is druid.

And so I made a painting.

Im finding myself growing quite attached to the circular paper. My half finished pub interiors (on rectangular paper) sit ignored on the shelf. I’ll just roll with it for now I guess.

I’m in the land of circles. Stone circles and spirals. Perhaps it is no surprise that the circular ground for my painterly experiments is hitting home somehow.

Tonight I’m praying for a full night of sleep -that my small artist’s problems don’t keep me awake, for surely the world has bigger fish to fry. Then again, I remind myself that to worry and wonder over this little corner of creativity I’m cultivating, is really just an act of love. I merely want to keep after it. Here in Ireland I feel as close to the bone of what I do as I ever have. And that’s saying something having worked in Taos New Mexico and my beloved coast of Maine. When we find ourselves closest to the marrow of what we really love, about ourselves, about the work we do, it’s terrifying in a way. I don’t think there is anything else to do but forge on. Follow the light in ourselves and in the world which knows the way.

I hope that whatever work or gentle past time is calling to your heart, that you lean into it with love. It’s the only way.

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