Just a quick hello after a long day of traveling (after another long day of traveling!)

My co-conspirator Julie Persons and I met in Dublin late yesterday as I arrived back from Scotland, my friend Simone brought my extra luggage into town (Dublin) and we all met briefly over a pint.

I love this young woman as a younger sister/friend/ niece / surrogate daughter of a kind of my own and it was so lovely to catch up. And she got a chance to meet Julie which is in keeping with a theme of this trip -I want my good friends to all know one another.

And so after pints, Julie walked me thru Dublin to locate a delicious vegetarian Korean meal (!!!) we landed in a hotel for a quick sleep then found ourselves on a train and then a bus, heading west to Kerry.

Though it’s not as far ‘home’ (toward County Cork) as it might be in my perfect universe, I found every kilometer westward to be a soul balm of sorts. Further from the city, the vernacular of the local conversation grew more musical.

We eventually and without fuss or problem found ourselves in lovely Listowel in County Kerry, greeted warmly by Olive Stack whose gallery and studio space we will work in and occupy in the coming weeks. Within a few minutes my last bit of luggage was delivered back from Cork by Conal (I am forever indebted to these luggage angels who made my travels lighter along the way of my in-between adventures. Thank you Simone and Conal!!) and I could unpack and unfurl and start laundry and shop for a few groceries and set up a studio space and frankly am feeling really quite at home.

It is nice to have landed.

There is artwork here from folks I know peripherally to those I know well.

That little landscape there is by Mallory Feltz, a long time friend of mine from art school.

There is space here. And time. Only a month. But still, a MONTH. The lights in the studio are brilliant if one wants to work into the night. Maybe I will. For now its Saturday night and only near ten. But I’m awaiting the clothes washer to finish so I can hit the sack. It’s been a long couple days’ traveling. All worth the journey and the small mishaps along the way.

I’ll give a full video tour of our little set up in the coming days. Frankly for an artist’s residency we are living the high life. In the heart of town, private beds and baths. A lovely shared living and kitchen space and of course the light filled and spacious studio space. We honestly can’t believe it all.

It is my deepest hope that I can do it all justice. But that said, I know that I just need to relax and make some art if I am to achieve that hope. This artist does not operate well in a pressure cooker. Thankfully, this isn’t a pressure cooker. This is a gift of opportunity. And I am ever so grateful.

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