On the run.

We have taken the dogs and run away to Kentucky for a couple of days.  Stop over to my Patreon site to get the full story.  Your patronage is truly appreciated there.  (even just a dollar each month!)


In other news here on this lowly old blog, I have engaged the tech services of a new person to help keep this place safe and ongoing.  Welcome John!  To Mary Beth, my long time, cheerful tech helper of all years in recent memory, I thank you for your patience and kindness.  You’ll be missed.

I am still working out what needs to be “blog” and what needs to be “patreon”.  But suffice it to say, it’s important to me that this ‘place’ here on the internet be maintained, that the kettle is always on and warm and that you are always welcome.  We all need a little place to get away from the world now and then.


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