Contentment is wealth

A TWIST OF HEMP :::::  Week 23
There is content……..
con·​tent | \ ˈkän-ˌtent  \

1asomething containedusually used in plural the jar’s contents the drawer’s contents

bthe topics or matter treated in a written work table of contents

cthe principal substance (such as written matter, illustrations, or music) offered by a website… “Internet users have evolved an ethos of free content in the Internet”.— Ben Gerson
and there is content.
con·​tent | \ kən-ˈtent  \ Adj.

: CONTENTEDSATISFIED  She was content with her life as it was.

con·​tent | \ kən-ˈtent  \

Definition of content (Entry 4 of 4)

CONTENTMENTHe ate to his heart’s content.
At times we must turn our backs upon all that shouts at us—- the opportunities for engagement and improvement, learning and even loathing.  We can, for a few moments at least, turn to what contents us (transitive verb: to appease the desires of).
………The beauty of an old tune, the turning of a newly drawn line, the scent of a lovingly cooked meal, the sight of a newly sprouted seed.
This is the content I seek.
There is SO much coming at us just now, vying for our attention.    Suddenly the notion of a “talking head” seems to apply to everyone.  We must resist.  Or at the very least, do it all in our own way.
This will all pass, and with it will come a great onslaught of ways to content ourselves and jump back on the hamster wheel.  We must be ready to make the right choices.  To go within, to our hearts-self and find the juice of what matters.
For after all, Contentment is Wealth…..  (music from Mary Bergin)

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