Been hard to concentrate round here, what with ‘political whiplash’ as one friend put it.  But drawings get done in between staying informed and active.  Our friends in Hamstertown are ready to welcome new friends from away who have traveled far and long and have worked so hard to make the journey to a new life.

Meanwhile, this tweet gave me a chuckle, and is quite how I feel about working just now.  But I work anyway.

2 thoughts on “Resist”

  1. Love the painting! It’s perfect! Now you just google the Quran online and read up… and realize the boat out there is full of cats….. and see what happens as you welcome them all. Seriously… a great rendition of the facts. I wish the Quran wasn’t full of directives to support harming those who won’t convert, but it is. The truth is not racist. But it is foolishness to avoid truth.

    1. I am, sadly, woefully ignorant of Quran, and also, Bible versions of said ‘cats’. I hang on your words that say “the truth is not racist”, and go from there. Yes, “sacred” books say many things which case human kind to do and say many unkind, sad things. But for good or ill, I believe we are all human beings. And all worthy of seeking life, liberty and happiness as our own country’s canon doth promise. I’ve been called naïve. And perhaps I am. But I believe in the goodness in all.

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