7 (and new lessons available!)

“The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth (notice the capital “T”). The 7 doesn’t take anything at face value — it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.”   ~From ‘numerology.com’ a la google

I’ve spent this morning updating the website a bit with details for next summer’s Taos-based Travel Journaling Workshop. Although I am still tweaking the cost (no huge changes or increases here, just the structure of lodging options), the dates are set.  And I am now accepting registrations for what will be my 7th summer teaching at Mabel’s.  This is incredible!

What started out as an off the cuff notion in a long ago blog post, a mere whisper of my soul’s deepest longing, has become work I engage in all year long.   Two weeks spent in what has become one of my soul’s dearest home-places (Taos, New Mexico) takes all year to prepare for; gathering registrants, marketing, planning travel, etc.  These past 6 years in which the workshop has grown, been shaped, changed and evolved, I have had my head somewhat down in full-speed-ahead mode as each year sped toward summer.  I was so terrified that if I looked up and considered things properly for even a moment, it might all burst and have been a dream-state all along.


But next year’s workshop will be my 7th and this feels like terra firma.  While I never approach a trip to Taos Mountain with anything but humility and reverence, and I know nothing lasts forever, I have a sense of calm about things this season as I begin the work for next year.   I am deeply grateful for this change.

While I am not sure exactly why this next year already feels different, I have some ideas.  Much of my work has felt a seismic shift in the last year or so, mostly due to a workshop I took in Maine last September.  It is as if the painter in me broke out into the open and, while not without a little resistance here and there, she has managed to stay in the light and to keep painting.  This painting practice has made me a better teacher, which has given me more confidence, both as painter and as teacher.  A nourishing spiral indeed.

For a number of years, I taught sketch classes here in town and those morphed into what is now the Taos workshop.  Since that time, I have considered, and then ultimately declined a number of opportunities to teach in a classroom setting locally.  I loathe to turn down work, but I have come to find that I am best at teaching in a setting that has something of beauty to behold.  And so, while I have once again this fall, turned down teaching gigs from good people at good places, I have decided not to shut down local teaching completely.  I simply want to do it on my terms.

photo by Tom Spatig of Bat Cave Studios
photo by Tom Spatig of Bat Cave Studios

So, for those of you in the SW Ohio region who have been interested in working with me as a teacher, but have been unable to commit to the Taos workshop, I am offering small group and individual tutoring in basic sketching skills.  I’ll help you put together your supplies and then we can meet at fun, local sketching sites, which vary depending upon weather and what you’d like to learn, and go from there.


Drawing and basic watercoloring are such a fun way to experience the world and a couple of sessions with me will get you on your way! Email me (abeefrnd@gmail.com) directly for more information on pricing.  I can work with you individually, or perhaps you and a friend or two might like to start your sketching adventure together!


I hope to hear from a few of you locals who have been hounding me (in the sweetest way possible!) to offer some instruction options here in town.  These individualized sessions feel like the perfect answer to this call!

Thanks again to all who have been following and supporting this artful journey of mine over the years.  I am truly grateful.

“To romanticize the world is to make us aware of the magic, mystery and wonder of the world; it is to educate the senses to see the ordinary as extra-ordinary, the familiar as strange, the mundane as sacred, and the finite as infinite. ”  ~Novalis

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  1. Amy, this makes me so happy to hear that you’ll be teaching locally! Your talents are such a great gift to share, and we all love the energy and beauty you foster in each one of us. Thank you for this!

    1. Hoping this endeavor comes to some fruition this year! I love teaching! I just want to do it on my own terms and timeline. <3

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