Fair Winds, Following Seeds

Ginger begins her summer's  travels via raven lift and amidst a caravan besailed and ready for where the wind takes it.
Ginger begins her summer’s travels via raven lift and amidst a caravan besailed and ready for where the wind takes it.

Always a step ahead, is our inner muse, in whatever form it takes.  For me, it is often Ginger Small, so small yet so intrepid.  So willing to step in to the trust of adventure in spite of her perceived size, stature and strength.  After all, we are all only as big, powerful and strong as we believe we are.

And so we send these muses ahead of us to pave the way.  Ginger has left here (with a sliver of my own gypsy-traveling heart) to begin the trek out west to Taos where I will teach later next week.  It’s more work than a week should be and so I pack and prepare maybe more than most might for a normal work week.  I love this work.  This week is what I prepare for all the rest of the year.  This week of sharing my book-based process of sketching and keeping a visual diary with workshop participants.  I love it.   And during this week, I am always inspired to pursue my eventual studio work more fervently once back home.

Ginger Small, my little book character yet to be snatched up and published but yet ever so present in my imagination, has gone on ahead of me, as my imagination and muse-selves are wont to do.  I wish her “Fair Winds and Following Seeds” , a play on an old navy tradition of wishing one on a journey or a move ‘fair winds and following seas.”  For we are following the seeds of inspiration.  To see what feeds us.  What grows with a little planting, watering and weeding.

Whatever you are pursuing in your own artistic journey, Fair Winds and Following Seeds to you.  And let me know what comes of it.  For after all, we are on this journey alone, yes.  But also with one another


6 thoughts on “Fair Winds, Following Seeds”

  1. Amy, how I love this blog! It is a sanctuary of beauty, originality and authenticity. Ginger Small should be known to the world, bringing her beguiling spirit to lighten the way. As a writer, I say to you don’t give up on your quest. I know of at least one person who would buy; and in my experience, where there is one…there are many! Enjoy Taos, Robyn.

    1. Thank you Robyn for your kind words of encouragement! Ginger will be known to the world, if only even one person at a time. One day her time will come. I think it’s a picture book, but maybe it’s more. There is real wisdom in this little character. So I have been pondering that when I write and draw and think about her next adventure. After all, aren’t we all just small creatures in a very big world?

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