Those who light the way

It is no secret to those of you who keep up with my work that I am in the daunting process of getting my illustrative work out into the world in the form of one Ginger Small.  We continue to pursue this goal, with the path ahead being lit by those who are a number of steps ahead of us.  I say ‘us’ as Ginger has become a real entity to myself and to those people who have followed her story from the beginning.


I want to share two of these will-o-the-wisp, Lighters of the Path To Publication with you here today.

First, artist, writer and maker-of-beautiful-books, Jackie Morris has announced that her book The Seal Child, difficult to find for many years now, will be back in print come this April, and I for one will be one of the first in line to acquire it.  Not only do I admire her work tremendously, but the Selkie legend is one very close to my own heart for a variety of reasons.  You can read about the journey this book has taken and see some images from the book in Jackie’s post here.  

Seal Children Cover

I simply can’t wait to get my own copy!

Another tome I am anxiously awaiting is a new book, not yet published, by the name of Tatterdemalion written by Sylvia Lindsteadt and graced with art work by Rima Staines.  Rima’s images were a doorway into Sylvia’s stories and from everything I have read online thus far, the stories were simply waiting for someone to find them.  They are older than time, these earth-told mythologies and they have tracked down those necessary to share their stories with the world as it is now.  But we all know there are other worlds alongside ours, if only we pay attention….

I am so grateful for the writers and artists out there who have found their audience and are walking the walk, so to speak.  It’s inspiring to those of us yet to find homes for the stories and ideas lurking in our hearts.  It is a reminder that this world is big enough for all stories to be told, should we just keep at it.  Best of luck to Rima and Sylvia as they get the last few readers they need to publish their book.  Do visit the Unbound publishing site to toss a few coins into the hat and await your own copy of this exciting glimpse into another world…..


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