Those who light the way

It is no secret to those of you who keep up with my work that I am in the daunting process of getting my illustrative work out into the world in the form of one Ginger Small.  We continue to pursue this goal, with the path ahead being lit by those who are a number of steps ahead of us.  I say ‘us’ as Ginger has become a real entity to myself and to those people who have followed her story from the beginning.


I want to share two of these will-o-the-wisp, Lighters of the Path To Publication with you here today.

First, artist, writer and maker-of-beautiful-books, Jackie Morris has announced that her book The Seal Child, difficult to find for many years now, will be back in print come this April, and I for one will be one of the first in line to acquire it.  Not only do I admire her work tremendously, but the Selkie legend is one very close to my own heart for a variety of reasons.  You can read about the journey this book has taken and see some images from the book in Jackie’s post here.  

Seal Children Cover

I simply can’t wait to get my own copy!

Another tome I am anxiously awaiting is a new book, not yet published, by the name of Tatterdemalion written by Sylvia Lindsteadt and graced with art work by Rima Staines.  Rima’s images were a doorway into Sylvia’s stories and from everything I have read online thus far, the stories were simply waiting for someone to find them.  They are older than time, these earth-told mythologies and they have tracked down those necessary to share their stories with the world as it is now.  But we all know there are other worlds alongside ours, if only we pay attention….

I am so grateful for the writers and artists out there who have found their audience and are walking the walk, so to speak.  It’s inspiring to those of us yet to find homes for the stories and ideas lurking in our hearts.  It is a reminder that this world is big enough for all stories to be told, should we just keep at it.  Best of luck to Rima and Sylvia as they get the last few readers they need to publish their book.  Do visit the Unbound publishing site to toss a few coins into the hat and await your own copy of this exciting glimpse into another world…..


Flux and Catch-up

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.27.44 AM

It’s a delightfully cozy morning here.  I am just landed from a wonderful weekend away to Oak Ridge, Tennessee for the 8th annual Tune Junkie Weekend where a few of my normally more summery connections gathered to play music and catch up and play more and more and more music.  We are indeed junkies of a sort, fairly obsessed and addicted to this delightful folk tradition.  The weekend is mostly a ‘session-centric’ event but there was a concert put on and a few of us flute players played a few sets with the help of a couple of fiddles and a piano.

Crawford's Flutilla and friends, photo courtesy of TJW organizer, Chad Beauchaine
Crawford’s Flutilla and friends, photo courtesy of TJW organizer, Chad Beauchaine

It was, overall, just a fantastic time and my musical cup is full.  I am grateful for this last weekend as it helped pass the time that I must wait for the next Big Trip coming down the pike.

Very soon, my long-time honey and I are off on an adventure to places of a more tropical sort and I almost can’t stand the wait!  But for now, I must catch up on work both here in the studio, and at the shop.    There are exciting things brewing!  I’ll share a little bit of it all here…

First up, a dear friend of mine is in the process of putting together an online marketplace which will feature some of the arts and creative wares from our general vicinity.  There is so much talent and creativity here in this rich Ohio Valley.  I am proud to be a part of it and thrilled to have a few of my cards and other small works soon available for sale through her efforts.  Business acumen is not a strong suit of mine and being a part of this marketplace is an opportunity I am really grateful for!!  I will certainly keep you posted when the shop is open for business which is slated to be in March.  More soon!!


Meanwhile, the annual Taos Trip registration process is chugging along briskly.  I have a lovely group put together already, but there are a few slots left.  Do contact me if you are interested in learning a bit about my journaling process which includes drawing, watercolor painting, and collecting the beauty of the travel experience.  And, while I’m at it, the beauty of day to day life really.  All of this is enhanced by making note of what captures our fancy in a little book. This is a process I have found to be life altering.  And I don’t say that lightly.

While not running hither and thither with a sketchbook, my studio based work has been essentially two pronged.  On the drawing table, Ginger Small has a little dummy book put together that I have been shopping around.  This process of putting my book ideas out there is daunting, as one doesn’t get much response beyond the occasional ‘no, thank you’.  But I know that this is all part of the process.  I have so many ideas!!  Like spaghetti thrown at the wall, something eventually has to stick!!  Best of luck to sweet Ginger and her stories and pictures….


Also from the drawing table, my artwork now covers the gorgeous new album by Nuala Kennedy.  We worked together to capture the magic and adventuresome, seafaring spirit of many of the songs and tunes she’s collected in her latest work.  It’s a delightful listen and I am proud to have helped put visuals to the stories she tells.

1902791_10156284854005048_4417148726286697043_n 12391129_10156284854000048_2230396284862343425_n

The other prong of my art making process has been lately centered around the sewing basket.  Perhaps it’s the time of year.  Or the fact that embroidery is super hot right now, but that’s primarily what I have been working on.  Needled pictures which are time consuming but great fun to produce.


I’ve been revisiting some older embroidered works of mine over on my Instagram page, as well as creating new works like the Quetzal in process (above) and a little otter friend too….


With all this stitching going on, someone was bound to notice and so I am very proud to say that my large scale embroidery, Leviathan,  is now Whale-in-Residence at my favorite fibery haunt of late, Fiberge Knits and Bolts, located in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood of Cincinnati.  If you are local, do stop by and visit her!!  It was sad that she was trapped in my studio behind the door.  Now she swims the walls at this beautiful little shop.  There are some rumblings about a possible spring class I may offer at Fiberge about the art of pictorial embroidery.  I will post more on that here on the blog when we settle the details.


And that, as my mom says, is all the news that’s fit to print.  I will certainly be sharing my upcoming adventures via stitches and sketches in the coming weeks.   For now I will ride the wave of flux and change and ebb and flow that this life seems to be offering me just now.  I am filled with gratitude for it all.