Tiny Offerings


I think there is nothing quite so nice as to get a little something in the mail.  And so I am a sender of mail myself.  I love to write cards and letters to friends far and wide.  tiny 1Most recently I took to making a slew of wee thank you gifts in the form of tiny, one of a kind paintings.  I am hoping they will be well received by those lucky enough to be on my list lately…  This exercise of making tiny paintings is something I do with my classes as a way to shift our thoughts on scale and the time it takes to make a work of art.  Unlike some miniaturists of late, these little paintings don’t take too very long at all.  And they capture the impression of a place quite quickly.  This series was clearly based on my recent weeks in Taos and I am keen to keep going with them.tiny 9 I gild each little painting in gold leaf and it becomes like a little jewel to don a card or perhaps dress up a page in my journal.  tiny 2 tiny 3 There is a small part of me that wonders if these would be something to sell at some point.  You may see them soon at the local art center gift shop perhaps…..tiny 7

Yes, those are polka dot pajamas peeking in at the bottom of this picture.  Yes, I work best in my pajamas.
Yes, those are polka dot pajamas peeking in at the bottom of this picture. Yes, I work best in my pajamas.

tiny 6 tiny 5Are you a fan of tiny art work? Send me a message and perhaps I can whip up a tiny painting for you!  I know Ginger Small will be happy to get some new works into her Tiny Gallerytiny 4

7 thoughts on “Tiny Offerings”

    1. Isn’t it funny? Painting tiny is nothing new, but I’m glad that artist has gotten such a following. Her work is gorgeous!

      1. It is! As are yours! What’s interesting is I started making some cards yesterday, and just received one from an art pal on Kaua’i…Jan’s sister! But now I’m inspired to try some small versions! I know they’re not new, but I haven’t done ’em in years! Except for my wee mandala ones! Just seems like it’s time for cards! Keep having fun!

  1. I love your tiny paintings. I’m leaving for an extended road trip and you have just answered my question on how to fit some art into every day. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome!!! Extended road trips are perfect for tiny, perhaps bookbound bits of art along the way. Have a great trip!!

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