Peripatetic Inspirations


I am a runner of paths here in our little village.  I enjoy watching local gardens come alive, and to give my body, so intent on holding onto some unknown but anciently ingrained stressor, a good dose of endorphins to loosen things into the now.

On some of these runs, I feel as if I have wings, fairly flying above the pavement.  I receive many visiting artful notions while running and I am grateful for this reliable gateway into magical thinking.

take off

In recent months, I have taken to cataloging some of the visual bits and bobs which come across my path and to share their whimsy via the interwebby places upon my returning home.  I call this collection of images “found asphalt drawings”, as they are simply things on the ground which catch my eye as I motor along.

the wind like a charging ram blows over this lamb of a day

As human beings we are pattern seekers.  The world, with it’s seemingly inherent and overwhelming chaos, requires our brains to make sense of things via patterns.  Through math, art, the sciences, we can begin to see that the world is not so chaotic after all, if we but take the time to see.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.02.23 AM


Being one taken with animal imagery, I find that my eye finds animal medicine most often in these found drawings. Ravens under the moon….

raven under a full moon.

…or in a nest, awaiting the arrival of a meal perhaps.

raven - incoming

It’s not just birds.  Woodland animals follow me along at times as well.  I was particularly smitten by this deer on the edge of things this morning.

woodland deerAnd of course there are always bunnies crossing my path.  asphalt bunnyWhen the snow began to melt this spring, I was shown glimpses of far off landscapes, full of mystery and fog, like little windows into a Brigadoon of sorts.

rainy landscapeI enjoy the many stories given to me in these found drawings and could see an eventual series of paintings being born from them.  But for now, I am just collecting them. Grateful for whimsical comings and goings….milkyway freefall


hummingbirdNot sure what to think of this last one, except perhaps that this particular platypus might have a cold and is now in need of a tissue….achoo

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