The Tiny Book of Truths

Some while back, I received a gift in the form of a little book on a necklace from a dear friend who knows I love the allure of a blank book. Knowing this book would be near to my heart for years to come, I opted to fill it with some of my favorite quotes and a few doodles as well. The result is this tiny book of truths. I find it to be even more fetching now, filled with words and images I have chosen.
This is the case with all blank books – journals, sketchbooks and the like. They really come alive when we put ourselves into them. I suggest we fill all of those old blank books we might have lying around with quotes and drawings, musings and the day to day magic that makes us individuals. When you do so, do check back and share what you’ve made. Every person’s journal, no matter how big or small is a one of a kind. Just like you!

8 thoughts on “The Tiny Book of Truths”

  1. I love this! And the magic that came with it! I have a wee book too and was deciding what to put in it! I think I may put in things fairies would like! Love the music too!

    1. Thank you Karen! I took a peek over at your blog as well! What wonderous bits of whimsy the interwebs doth have!

  2. Amy, I’ve always kept journals, to track my spiritual growth and experiences. It got me thinking, this post, about how these books really are our books of our own personal truths. As ever, love reading this lovely blog, and another interesting post.

    1. Oh Robyn you have nailed the essence of why I teach the art of keeping an illuminated journal!!!! These books are relics of the individual selves which walk this earth and change from moment to moment. They are records of the daily process of simply being human, or perhaps becoming more so as we stumble along the path. It’s such a life-affirming way to remain present in our lives. And the books left in our path are truly our own Book of Truths.

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