Out like a lamb

peonyIt is the end of March, finally.  After a rough February, March did treat us with a few fine days and a serious snow melt, and for that all are grateful.  But we have also seen subfreezing temperatures in recent days which took this Ohio River Valley a bit by surprise.  One expects these tricks of the weather gods in New England, but not here.  Yet the garden knows that even with occasional cold temperatures, it is time to unfurl and find the sun.

Today’s softened breezes feel like a gift.  The fam and I are off to Montreal, Canada for our final Irish Dancing competition (which just happens to be the World Championships.  I say why not go out in style yes?).  While there is still much packing to do, I simply had to go outside and sketch for a while.

peony sketch 1Nothing is better than sitting in front of real plants, growing outside in true garden soil, surrounded by happy animals (in this case dogs and chickens) while I sketch and paint.  I am rusty and need more practice, but that is always the case this time of year.  And I am glad for the opportunity for a little quiet before the storm of our last Irish Dancing ‘Majors’ competition.  Hoping to get a little sketching done while in beautiful Montreal, but I have learned that these events have their own timeline and expectations of all of us.  We shall see.

For now, the peonies and I have had our time together, and upon our return, I shall tidy up their beds to make more space for them to burst forth.

Happy spring everyone! And blessings and fertility on your Easter celebrations as well.

peony sketch 2


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