Shades of Gray

I made an offhand quip yesterday on one of my photographs that here in the midwest, we are truly in the world of ’50 Shades of Gray’ during the winter.  And though I have not read the book or seen the movie so many are discussing of late, the idea of all those varying shades of the color ‘gray’ or ‘grey’ (spelling depending upon where you live) is really one worth thinking about a little more.  And maybe worth fiddling with when one opens one’s paint box this time of year.

gray 15


And so I braved the brisk temps and headed outside to take some snapshots.  And to think about this oh-so-gray world in which I currently reside.

There is the gray to be found in a foot print in the snow.  This one maybe by a large dog, who shall remain nameless.  There is some green-ness just under there.  Maybe.  A hint, perhaps.gray 1And the earthy grayness of lichen on the bark of a fallen stick….  gray 2The rabbits seem to dig deeply into the snow with their little feet, creating little indigo spots deep within their prints.  gray 3 Some folks like to show the entire spectrum potential for gray, from darkest near-black, to white.  And a spot of red thrown in, just for show.  Like the right pair of boots in an otherwise monochrome outfit. gray 4I love greeny-gray.  My family and students often tease me that I make up colors that I see.  But I find that there are so many to see.  And not all of them have names.  And perhaps this particular shade of greeny-gray exists only in a certain light and at a certain temperature.  gray 5Sometimes, those who guard the out-of-doors while it rests are those with the most fantastic display of grays.  Perhaps it’s his skin tone that brings out those watchful green eyes, yes?gray 6The grasses are iced over with ice, which in theory has no color.  But when blanketing the golden blades, the gold shines through, making a quality of gray that shimmers with some bits of ochre.gray 7Violet, from red to blue, is a long time friend of the color gray.  At least in my mind’s eye and upon my paint palette.gray 8The skies here, desperate to be blue again, manage a milky white on most days.  A gray, tinged with blue. gray 9Fallen sticks treat us with a rainbow of grays, from the greeny-greens of the lichen to the violet depths of the moist twig itself.gray 10Under all of this frozen snow and winter finery, there are plants, awaiting the spring, which we hope cannot be too far off.  But yet, the greens and golds here aren’t yet alive.  They are wilted with the gray of winter’s waiting.  The color of non-color.gray 11Spring is not far off, for on the forsythia, there is the golden-gray and  of new life ready for a warm snap…gray 12And thanks to the ice, we get a magnified view of their potential….gray 14How do you define and delineate the color that marks this season for you? Stop on over at SketchShare (find us on Facebook and be a part of our group!) and let us know! Because gray is a many colored beast.  gray 16



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