Paddling the nooks and crannies of Grayson


kayak yoga

Yesterday we took the opportunity to head out of town and onto the water at a magical place in Kentucky called Grayson Lake. It wasn’t always a lake, but was created to give folks a break from unpredictable floods in the area and to provide better water quality for the people who call it home.  The Sandy River gorge area now boasts this amazing lake with tendrilled waterways that boaters of all ilk can explore.

The Hub was keen to try some new skills out on ‘real’ water as my gift to him at Christmas time was a set of lessons on how to do this:

Clearly, he took his lessons very seriously and will now have new things to show off in Maine later in the summer!

Everywhere there is wonder to behold.  Watery patterns and rivulets captured in sandstone read like a language from the ancients, should we just be able to translate them.



Water has fallen and flowed for thousands upon thousands of years, shaping this valley, and now, filling this lake.


We delight in playing under the waterfalls which can sometimes be quite dramatic after a rain.  On this day, they were mere trickles.



But even trickles have their own special breed of mystical lure.

Some avenues looked like they would lead to dead ends,



but if you know where to go, and when to keep going, you can find hidden gems such as this lagoon and it’s waterfall.



We opted to lunch at this sweet place.


The stone walls at Grayson are fantastic.  Dripping with mineral deposited streaks like some giant’s paint strokes.


And around every bend was beauty to behold…

I’m still working on some sketches to share with you over at my Facebook and Twitter pages in the coming days, but wanted to share with you a bit of our adventure.  (I got a little sidetracked with some chicken yoga earlier day.  What else can I say?)  But  it’s days like these in places like Grayson which feed this artist’s heart.  What feeds yours?

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