Hello dearest Taosenas!!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to go to Taos!! Above is the final installation in my pre-workshop video series. I hope these have been helpful in preparing you a bit for the trip. But they are just the tip of the iceberg really. Our time together at Mabel’s will be so much more fruitful, especially when it comes to drawing.

Drawing can be such a loaded activity. For anyone who grew up the least bit creatively stifled (I speak from experience) the act of drawing can feel like it isn’t something that belongs to you. But it does belong to you. And to me. And to everyone. It is a tool for learning to see the beauty around you in a way that just looking, or merely using words to describe, is not enough. We catalog the world into symbols in order not to lose our minds in the minutiae and that’s important, but breaking down some of these symbols in order to see specifically something that is in front of us is where the magic is.

I am looking so forward to drawing together in Taos and capturing the magic of that place in our travel journals. Between now and then, keep up with me on facebook and instagram and of course here on the blog.

I’ll be checking here for any comments or questions as usual. See you soon!!!

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