Approaching that spanking new watercolor set!


Hi dear Taosenas!!  So ideally you have begun to collect supplies, make reservations, and are beginning to think about this trek out to Taos being a very real thing.  To continue the pre-workshop instruction, I’ll share with you here how I get into a new watercolor set.  If you have a set already that you use, we can work with that (provided it’s of good quality – y’all deserve proper supplies, so no crayola watercolor sets!!)  The first part of the video deals with literally ‘how to open and prepare the new set for usage’.  The reason I went into this is that if you are a beginner to all of this, opening a new set of quality watercolors is a bit of a process.  They are individually wrapped, they tend to fall out when you open them the first few times, etc. etc.  so I cover all this.  Then I get into getting used to the different colors which you just do with samples and practice, which of course can happen in your books!  So have a peek at the video.  This is the longest one of the bunch but I wanted to cover even the most pesky things about our new sets so they can serve us well once we are out in Taos.

Don’t be afraid to juice up these sets (i.e. get them wet and all painty like).  This is not a waste of material.  It’s important to learn how much water and when.  These things become second nature over time.  Practice a bit if you can in the coming weeks, as that will really serve you well when the workshop starts.  Hope you enjoy this little tutorial!  Only one more to go!


2 thoughts on “Approaching that spanking new watercolor set!”

  1. Enjoyed the watercolor video! Do you think we’ll need more than 1 journal for our Taos trip, or is 1 journal usually just fine?

    1. Great question Jennifer! You will be fine with just one. But some folks bring other books they want to try out for whatever personal reasons they have. I am bringing a variety of other papers and things for you guys to tinker with so there will be plenty to do. I think we’d be hard pressed to fill an entire S&B book during the course of the workshop.

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