Icy invasion

In recent days we have spent the afternoon time attempting to stem the onslaught of water streaming into our house…. (click play for the soundtrack to my afternoon’s duties)



When the sun comes out to do a little melting, for some reason, that melting is heading right into our house.  The walls are a mess.  The ceiling is bowing.  I am grateful to have saved our art work and photographs from too much damage when it really started pouring in in earnest yesterday.  The day before had been just the placement of a bucket or two here and there.


We have towels laid out behind the piano to catch the rivulets streaming down the walls.



And for a couple of hours, I followed the drips with various buckets and bowls as the water made its way to whatever its destination might be down the beams of our ceiling.


This is all utterly disheartening as this is part of the space we had refinished when we moved in years ago.  Something in the recent ice storms has made our roof into a non-roof.


Thankful for insurance, hopeful for a good roofer and a break in the weather, we soldier on.  Hard to get much work done.  Though I am doing some recent embroidery which I will share here when it’s completed.   Stop by the facebook and twitter spaces for sneak peeks.

I hope wherever you are, you are warm and dry.  Keep in touch!




4 thoughts on “Icy invasion”

    1. Thanks Angie!! We are hanging in there!! And we certainly aren’t the only ones. It’s been a year of a winter for sure

  1. Amy! So sorry! I used to remodel houses & water was the worst!!! I feel for you! Hope insurance takes care of this really soon! Ya need to get some dryers in there as soon as you can! Try and sleep well!
    Blessings for a quick resolution!! ♥

    1. Many thanks for the kind words CC! We have a roofer and his workers coming over to have a look, get the ice off and shore up anything needed before the next snows come this afternoon. (How’s that for timing??) So we should be good. And insurance guy too! Hopefully it’ll all be sorted out soon!

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