The New Book

I’ve been putting together some instructional videos for my Taos students in order to get everyone ready to hit the ground running when they arrive in June.  Since the latest volume of my own Illuminated Journal is nearly completed, it’s time to do up a new one.  So I did just that in today’s video.  Here are the results! I like to have a pocket for ephemera to land in.  Since the brand of book I use doesn’t come with a pocket (and the brands that do come with pockets don’t have the paper I like) I usually make one myself.  Here I used an old paint cloth

The pocket

Each precious volume acts as a container for a specific time of my life, and so each book gets a quote of intention, something that speaks to me at the time.  Looking back over old volumes, the quotes really seem to set the tone of an entire journal.  With my fine art leaning toward the oceanic world lately, I picked an ocean quote.

the quote of intention

Lastly, I collaged the cover.  Every book is different and I always have fun putting together the covers.  I never know what it’s going to turn out to be, and I never have any intended plan for things.  Here’s the latest!!

The cover


If you want more information on my process of putting together an illuminated journal, sign up for the Taos trip!!  You’ll get access to some beginner level instructional videos I’ve made to get you started and then in Taos we will get to the real work of filling the pages with your adventures!!  For more information, click HERE

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