Dressing up the season


We have been getting the boxes of treasures down from the attic, and have taken to nestling them here and there around the house…


precious things

Readying for the approaching Christmas holiday and darkened Solstice time.


precious thing 2.

All the while, Jack Frost has blanketed our little gully with all he could muster and the girls are not quite sure what to think of it all.

come for tea 5


come for tea 4

come for tea 2

They have taken to tapping out coded messages to anyone listening, demanding to be permitted to throw a tea party.

come for tea 3

And so, being a fair person, I helped the chickens outfit their own modest home and they are now ready for visitors.

come for tea 8

Some are shyer than others….

come for tea 6

But they do keep things cozy, with fresh straw.

come for tea 7

Won’t you stop in some time?

come for tea

Things are truly quite festive around here lately.


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