Go Forth and Doodle! A Give-away

In my last blog post, I hinted that there might be some excitement around here as I continue to spread the word about the Illuminated Travel Journaling workshop in Taos Next summer.  Early-bird registration is in it’s final weeks and spots are starting to fill!  While we will be accepting registration for the course through early spring time while space is available, I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the chance for the $200 savings now!.  What better way to spread the word than with a give-away!!  Here’s your chance to win the Go Forth and Doodle sketch-journaling set!


The Go Forth and Doodle give-away set includes a few must have tools to begin your sketching adventure right now!  There is a moleskin brand blank book, tricked out with GFaD art work, complete with a place for ephemera in the back of the book.  This little book is great for ink or pencil drawings, notes about your travels and doings, a general “butterfly catcher” to enhance deeper work in other books later.  I like to work and write in these books with Pigma Micron pens, so I’ve included one as part of this give-away set.


There is also, a more watercolor friendly handmade blank book, made by me out of sturdy paper that can take some wet work and color play.  Also tiny in size, this little book is a good one to sit and paint in when out at the park or the public market.


One cannot watercolor with out some paints and a brush, so this give-away includes a Niji waterbrush and an Altoid tin watercolor set, which you have seen multiple times here in the past.  These tools make it so easy to grab quick, sketchy studies just about anywhere!  And the water is in the pen!!


The whole set can fit in a coat pocket or a small bag or case and with a little practice, you’ll be drawing, sketching and painting like mad wherever you go!


So how do you go about getting in on this gift?  The only thing you really must do, so I can keep official tabs of who has entered to win, is to submit a comment to this post on this blog.  I love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter and beyond, but those comments can get lost in the shuffle, and I’d hate to miss anyone who’s name should be among those in the hat.  So comment below and you’re in for the give-away! Simple and quick as that.  If you know other sketchers who might like to win this give-away, or even better, to join us in Taos next summer, pass the word!  Below is a video to share.  Best of luck!

I’ll pull the name of one lucky winner from the hat at 7 pm, Saturday December 14 (EST), one day before the end of early-bird registration. So have your comments in before 6:55!  Thanks again for passing on the word of this wonderful work.  I hope to see you in Taos!

23 thoughts on “Go Forth and Doodle! A Give-away”

    1. Good luck Peg! Oh and Congratulations on your swearing in for Village Council! So wonderful to have more women in there!

  1. Looks like a great giveaway. I hope someday in the near future I will be able to attend an event like the upcoming one in Taos. Thanks for the opportunity. Love the ephemera pocket.

    1. We can always just go out sketching sometime! Maybe to the Krohn Conservatory some afternoon…. once you officially retire??

    1. Rosemary, I’m excited to have you joining us in Taos. We will watercolor til we are fairly dripping with it! Even in the desert!!

  2. Amy –

    I am so excited for the Taos trip this year! I was heartbroken when I was unable to attend last year. I can’t wait to learn new sketching techniques while soaking in such a beautiful location. Only 7 months away! 🙂

    1. Tara! Will you be joining us? I hope so!!!! That would be wonderful! Get in before Dec 15 for the $200 discount. I am so excited for this next trip. It will be the best yet I think!!

  3. Amy, I am fascinated by your tiny works. I, personally, have not mastered the water color technique but on a small scale, I just may be able to get something on the paper before the water dries. LOL

    thanks for the smiles.


    1. Watercolor is tricky! But I find that starting small and playing with experiments is the best way to learn. Good luck!! 🙂

  4. My attempts at sketching/watercolor have been few and far between. I do like the idea of painting small pictures of what I see around me. I have nature right in my back yard, I have cardinals, and raccoons, and squirrels, and deer! Right now I am looking at a beloved ornament on my tree, and I’m thinking I need to paint it. Painting supplies make me happy. So tactile, so rich, just beckoning to be used. Makes me think of my father and his brilliant work. He liked oils and every time I get a whiff of oil paints, I’m six years old again. Thank you, Amy. Your gentle work is pushing me forward back into a realm of creativity that I have let fall by the wayside. The urgings are getting louder, and more insistent. I will answer.

    1. So glad to hear you are inspired Cindy! And thanks for commenting here to toss your hat into the ring for the draw!!

  5. Dear Amy,
    Okay, I am ready for a warmer summer. Perhaps no too warm, but one must accept what the universe brings and be prepared. I would be excited to win this set of delights! Because I like art “stuff”. I believe I am addicted to art “stuff”!
    Excited to meet you in June!!!

    1. Aw. Lisa that just made my heart do a little jump! Any chance you could come to Taos? And just so you know, I do plan to get a local workshop together at some point as well… Thanks for your feedback. It means so much!

  6. Hi Amy,
    I’ve been keeping journals since I was 12 or so but I’ve never done art or sketches beyond doodling my thoughts in the middle or edges of the page. Your water colors in your journals are lovely! It’s inspiring 🙂

    1. Hi Amelia! Welcome to the blog! yes, journals and diaries get a whole lot more interesting when you add imagery!! 🙂

  7. Love the “go forth and doodle” kit. Looks so cute but from experience with you I know it is oh so practical. Amazing what you can do with so few supplies. Great idea!

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