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Yesterday, an artist friend of mine posted a fetching link on her fb page.  It was from some folks across the pond who’ve created Not Another Bill, a subscription service which offers a monthly dose of hand made art.


It’s a lovely site filled with beautiful pictures of past postal presents they’ve sent to intrepid collectors.  I am smitten.  And I began to wonder, how many of these situations are out there in the world?  How many artists, writers, etc. are offering these sort of beer-of-the-month type of access to their work?  A little googling, as well as a look to some of the folks I follow in the interweb sphere, gave me my answer, and I have a few here to share with you.

First off, there is Sylvia at the Indigo Vat.


I first discovered her fiber work on etsy and really have coveted her felted head scarves forever.  But then I found out that she also is a wonderful writer and storyteller.  You can check out her blog to get a taste of her style and day to day artistic process.  If you like what you see, she has a subscription offering to receive, in the mail, her Grey Fox Epistles.  I’ll leave the describing to Sylvia, as only she can put it best.  But my guess is, subscribing to her fairy-tale letters would be a bit like getting magic delivered to your post box on a regular basis.  And who couldn’t use more magic and whimsy in their life?

Next up is an option I found via the google search, but I like their approach.

newlogoAt Art in a Box it’s a little less CSA (Community Supported Articulture: you basically get a box of art, but you never know what’s coming exactly) in that there is some semblance of personal input.  You tell them three words that describe your taste in art, and they send your subscription based on your taste.  A little less of a crap shoot, though honestly, none of these subscription options I’m showcasing here seem to be sending anything crappy out into the world.

If you have plenty of art in your life, but lack, say, inspiration, look no further than the musings and drawings of Michael Nobbs.  At his site, Sustainably Creative, Michael candidly shares how he manages to make a living at art making, while grappling with debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  What I love about Michael’s work is that he approaches art and career making much like I do – with Micromovements – little bite sized bits of What’s Possible, that eventually add up to Real Tangible Work. (For example, Michael has written BOOKS!!!)  Michael has a website where you can get plenty of inspiration to get started on your own artistic pursuits, but he also has a subscription to his more in depth work regarding creativity and right work that you might find useful if you are looking to ramp up your own work in some way.  Do pay him a virtual visit or drop him a line and say hello!


I’ve written before about how much I love letters and letter writing and fun post in any form.  I’m going to dig around these subscription options and maybe look into purchasing one.  What art subscriptions are you aware of? How do you utilize the postal service to distribute or share your work?  I’d love to hear about it, as well as suggestions for how you might like to see work from me be distributed in this fashion.  It’s a tempting notion indeed….

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