In the groove

It’s a very brisk morning out there (it’s warmed up a bit to the current 9 degrees) and I am eternally grateful to be in charge of my own schedule.  And also eternally grateful to friends who crochet…

One on my lap, one round my shoulders as I sit here and work.  Woven love.  Nothing like it!!

I’ve taken today off from my job-work to pull together some art-work for an upcoming show at UC Clermont’s lovely gallery space called Nature in Art. (opening March 6 from 4-5pm, if you are local)  My good friend Bruno Zabaglio (awesome website HERE) is curating this show and I am honored and excited to be a part of it.  It’s been quite awhile since I have shown any new work and the majority of it won’t be finished until just before the show but I am for once not in a total panic about getting finished in time.  Which is nice.  The ideas barely began to flow in time, but now that they are flowing… well, work begets work.  So it’s down to measuring, and committing to specific works to be included, and then of course back to late night painting.  Which I love.  (no pics quite yet…. but soon….)

All of this in between the Job-Work which looks a bit like this (only cooler): How Concertina’s Are Made and this: A Day in the life of Frisch Marionettes (only more exhausting)….

And of course the sketch-work, which looks a bit like…..

So I am up to 22 days in my #Draw2013 sketch everyday project and it’s going well.  Work DOES beget work.  In spite of falling temperatures, I stopped at the zoo on my way home from job-work yesterday and spent some time with a few of the animals on display there.  There was  a hearty little group of birds (and their keepers!) called Keas who were actually outside greeting visitors.  I sketched them a bit as they attempted to nibble my earring and the buttons on my boots.  I absolutely love these guys and their intrepid, curious, quirky personalities.

But it was too cold to stay out drawing too very long and so it was time to head indoors and visit those animals.  The bird house was exceptionally warm and comfy and Linda and I spent much time there drawing the various wild species there.

After the bird house, a quick stop at the Jungle Trails exhibit to catch some primates in action.

and in action they were!!  The Coquerel’s Sifakas were hard to capture on paper.  Mama and Dad were busy with their now adolescent youngster who was always moving.  Oh, how I remember those days….

And so I will leave you now with these little doodles, as I go off to work with the deeper work.  But the doodles are important.  They are keeping me in practice for the Taos trip which is coming around the bend.  We already have a nice crew of participants who will begin getting to know each other online in preparation for the workshop.  We have folks from Cincinnati, of course, but also from as far flung as Florida and California.  Won’t you join us?  It’s as simple as keeping your eyes wide open and learning to capture what you see and feel into a beautiful travel journal.  This is something ANYONE can do.  If you can sign your name, you can draw!! More info HERE: TAOS Travel-Journal WORKSHOP June 2013

Do feel free to contact me personally with any questions…

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