In praise of a dose of whimsy

For the Epiphany, a few of us gathered to celebrate the Manifestation of the Divine with some decadent food, delectable treats whimsical decor, and of course, hours and hours of chit chat.  With all of our various family obligations over the holidays, time with our closest friends sometimes gets pushed back.  So we treated ourselves to a celebration.

We burned fragrant Greek incense….

And feasted on foods that feed body and soul.

We honored the Greek mythological Persephone’s journey to the underworld, adding to our mix of traditions we felt like celebrating.

For some reason, pom-poms seemed in order.  So I made some to share….

There were other gifts as well, such as home made puppy treaties….

Which some folks could smell the minute they were in the house.

Some gifts honored and celebrated our words for the year… mine is FOCUS. What’s yours?

I still have a few more friends I need to catch up with since the holiday which I think is a fabulous way to avoid feeling cooped up in the winter months.  Lighting some candles and operating under a banner of whimsy for a time, along with some delicious foods, can keep us soul-nourished until the first signs of spring appear and we know Persephone has rejoined us up here in our world.  Wishing you warmth and whimsy during these cold winter months.


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