In the Garden: To bed for the winter

In spite of a number of things still growing amidst cooler temperatures, it is time to put at least the community garden plot to bed.  It is, after all, rented property.  So I spent a couple of hours tidying things up there; tossing out plants that had gone with the warmth, and harvesting those still available.

These little carrots were sliced up later in the evening and plopped into a chicken pot pie.  Yum!!

Although this bed was fairly well finished for the season, I did have greens to harvest which is nice.  And there were also some plants still producing.  Not sure if I would have gotten one more eggplant or not from this flower, but it would have been nice to know.

The end of the gardening season is a little sad this year for some reason.  I have learned so much from my wee food growing plot.  It’s not a huge patch of land but it has sunshine and a deer fence and I am already planning to be a part of the Amberley Garden in 2013, even with what promises to be a hefty working schedule.  I will busy myself this winter with future plans for the plot up the road, while enjoying winter greens from the cold frame by the house here which is finally getting the light it needs now that the leaves are down.

Next spring, I will again post In The Garden updates to share what’s happening on the ground.  For the time being though…. it’s back to art and all things related….. stay tuned!!  A Taos blog post is brewing from my trip there this past week!


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