It’s a steamy, juicy, misty day here finally.  I’ve spent much of the day outside soaking it up like the ground itself.  I worked a bit in the yard, pulling weeds who are finally willing to let go due to the rain.  And I walked a few miles with Iris, taking in sweetness of it all.  In spite of it still being quite warm, there is a golden hue of autumn around the bend.  I am grateful for it.

First kiss of Autumn

Steamy golden September

Awaiting the cold

When it rains a good bit, I really like how the trees look with their trunks streaked and darkened with moisture.  Somehow this imbues them with a sense of magic they might not display on dryer, smoggier days.

Speaking of magic, I read a most enchanting book recently on the recommendation by a friend who knows me well.   A Faery Tale: One Woman’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World, by author Signe Pike.  I read the book in one day of reading which for easily-distractible me is no small feat.  Pike writes about her quest to return to a sense of childlike wonder in the world by seeking out the existence of, or at least clues to the existence of, The Good Folk.  Faeries.  All this through the lens of travel.  Travel is the best paradigm shifter there is I believe.

As an artist, I spend a lot of time lost in the land of my imagination and quite a bit of time in a state of ‘suspension of disbelief’ that some stodgy folks in the world might consider a little weird.  But this state of magical thinking is how I like best to experience the world.  I appreciate and seek out things that enchant me.  I go for long walks alone with my dog just to find interesting things….

Like new friends who are there if we just take the time to see them.

…..Or reminders to pay attention to the little things….

Over the weekend I went with my illustrator friend Christina to the local Renaissance Festival to get in a little sketching.  I would very much like my future chicken coop to look a little like this….

I so enjoyed the whimsical architecture that makes up this faux village.  Perhaps I can get a little tent like the one in the drawing below, for keeping in the yard.  It would be a nice place to wile away the afternoon on a studio day I think.

I hope that you check out A Faery Tale, or perhaps spend some time with something else out there that reminds you that the world can be a magical place. Full of wonderful things to behold.  If we simply give ourselves permission to do so.

Happy labor day!