In the Garden 7/1/2012

Ok, so it’s not Tuesday, my slated day for the ITG blog posts I’m trying to keep up with here, but it is a day when I have a few minutes to share, so I’ll take it.  Travel has a way of knocking one’s calendar all outta whack anyway.  Lately I haven’t a clue what day of the week it is.  I’m ok with that!!

It’s been a blistering past couple of weeks.  Thankfully, my fam kept our garden patch up at Amberley Green nice and watered while I was in NM, and I came home to the beginnings of the harvesting season…

I’m wondering if my cucumbers need to be kept up off the ground… I can build another tri-pod for them if needed.  They seem to currently like meandering along at low levels.

Basil has been the star of the show here in the early part of summer.  I’ve already made salads with it.

And yesterday I made a batch of ‘pistou’ from a recipe i found here.  Pistou is just pesto without the pine nuts.  Much of my extended family is allergic to pine nuts, so this is a great alternative.  And the jars of pesto at the grocery are about $5 each.  I’m planning to stock my freezer up with this summer delicacy to enjoy all winter long….

 What’s growing in your garden???