Burst of fun

It’s such a fun time of year.  With end of year concerts, preps for summer adventures and of course the garden.  In between the usual stuff, this spring has some extra fun tidbits that I want to share here.  First, meet Mrs. Merryweather Morrigan….

She is a pigeon from the fun folks at 16 Sparrows who are all about letter writing and getting ‘real’ mail in the mail box.  My pigeon, Mrs. Morrigan, will be jumping into a blue post box some time today and beginning her trek to her recipient, whom I think will care for her and send her on again, perhaps eventually back to me here.  We shall see.  What I love about this project is how quirky it is.  I can just imagine the folks at the post office going, ‘What the….?’  Oh, to be a fly on the wall.  Apparently the pigeon fits into the rules that apply to things being mailed in the mail…. Best of luck on your journey, Mrs. Morrigan…..

This past weekend was the OTR street festival and road race located in Cincinnati’s historic Over The Rhine area.  The artists, vendors and runners were blessed with a beautiful day.  The Young Lions from the Blue Wisp (including my very own Jack) played down there before their Wisp gig later in the evening.  We had an afternoon bite at the Senate restaurant, which never disappoints,  after a bit of shopping at the various vendors…

Here are some earrings I got from vendor Lizz Godfroy at Lily in Flux.  These are just this side of creepy beautiful and appeal to my puppetry sense.  I <3 them.

And while I’m on the topic of baubles I love, get a load of this little handmade glass bead that my dear friend, co-worker, fellow mama, fellow artist and musician and all around beautiful spirit Jeni got for me…

Yes, it’s a chicken.  To celebrate the new chicken ordinance of which I have been in such favor recently.  🙂

And now, onto this week’s In The Garden post:

I re-planted a few succulents in a pot that was a handmade gift a couple of years ago.  It’s plants had gotten kind of leggy and weird so I added a few and tidied it up a bit.  It’s now in the one sunny spot in our yard.  The front stoop.

But most of my energy has been up at the Amberley Green Community Garden this week.  Our official frost date has passed and we were able to finally get some plants in!!!!

So we mixed compost into the soil, tilling this way and that.

And we plopped in little seeds and seedlings and tucked them in with some leaf mulch to help them hold their moisture under the hot (really hot) sun.


All weekend long, people came and went.  We shared plants and seeds and tools and advice for the various plants we have had as friends over the years, introducing ourselves to new plant and people friends along the way.

And when we got too hot from working, we rested in the new picnic and bench area built by a local Eagle Scout.

And at the end of a long day in the sun,

Some of us took notes in our journals to keep track of all the plans we’ve made…

And even as storms threatened in the west, Iris and I took a walk at dusk and celebrated the first siting of the summer magic of fireflies.  Around here we call ’em lightning bugs.  How is your spring shaping up?  What have you planted in the ground?   Do you have lightning bugs where you live?




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