In The Garden : drip

It’s been a fruitful spring thus far in the form of flowering trees and spring perennials.  But like a mama at the end of her term, I am waiting, waiting, waiting in the veggie department…  for the Amberley Green fence to get built.  For our long awaited May 15 frost date to pass.  And for it to maybe stop raining long enough to dig in the dirt a bit…


This soft rain I don’t mind. It’s quite lovely actually. But we’ve also seen some serious storms come our way, as they are wont to do this time of year. I spent a night last week over at my mom’s, at the ready in case we needed to make a quick escape in the middle of the night due to flash flooding.

Needless to say, flooding, tornados and the like make this a nerve-wracking time of year. But I know that in a matter of weeks the weather will level out and it will be time to plant. Which means I’d better get me some graph paper and figure out what’s going in the garden!!

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