Riley School Saturday

As most of my long time readers know, Saturdays are sacred.  We spend them, mornings at least, and often early afternoons, attending music classes (sometimes teaching), gathering for lunch and performance time over home-made soup and band time practice – either ceili band, kids band, or slow-jam band.  It is a sort of weekly cultural church of sorts where those of us of the Church of Irish Traditional Music (I use the word Church here loosely, with no intended offense to those who attend actual Church) come together to share our love of this Great Gift of Music.

Today wasn’t much different.  We gathered for classes.

We had soup.

We admired new paintings by our more artistic community members…

And we danced in our rainy day puddle boots to the music of our esteemed lunch time musical guests…

Our guests this day were none other than Randal Bays and Davey Mathias who treated us to new ways of thinking of all things musical and some new tunes too.  But in the end, and the reason we like this music in the first place, was one of our own fiddlers, Justin Bridges, teaming up with our esteemed guests, and having a tune…

It was a good day indeed.  Safe travels to our musical guests and best wishes, GodSpeed and all that, to the many marathon runners who are here in our fair city to run the Big Race tomorrow morning. (Yes that’s you, our Chicago Mike!!)



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