In The Garden: Unfurling

As spring continues to wind her way into the Ohio River Valley with warmish days and cool nights, things continue to open up in our little gully, little by little….

Peonies like lollipops perch on their stems.

Columbines drip off of theirs.

The trumpet vine begins to wander….  And a showy rhody opens up to the world.

Ferns, worthy of middle earth unfurl taller and taller, providing a place to hide for bunnies and chipmunks alike.

Hearts bleed.  As they should.

I’d love to know what’s blooming in your garden…. and beyond.


2 thoughts on “In The Garden: Unfurling”

  1. Grass! We have lots of grass that needs to be replaced. However, we do have a lovely patch of rhubarb growing in the back that is sure to be put to use. I like the updated look of your blog!

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