Doings (and this week’s ‘in the garden’)

This past weekend I woke before the dawn (very uncharachteristically, I might add – thank goodness for coffee) and headed out to Vevay, Indiana for some puppet shows with the Frisch Marionettes.  It was a lovely day for a road trip.  Foggy and magical.  We took the scenic route along the Ohio River which afforded us some beautiful views…. along with some nail biting blind moments as well….

During our first show the sun magically came out and we were treated with a few minutes to walk around the sweet streets of this little old fashioned town.  It’s such a tiny place that you don’t really need much more time than that, but for a tiny town, there is some color.

Puppetry (and I suppose any kind of performance) takes a lot of energy and sometimes we literally have to talk ourselves into being excited for the next show.  Physically it’s a roller coaster that consists of adrenaline highs and then crashes shortly after.  (again, thank goodness for coffee!!)  Sometime we just have to get silly backstage.  Laughter is really a pick me up…

Meanwhile, this week In The Garden, I’ve been redistributing things that seem to have gone hog wild.  Like the sedum, which I love, but can be a bit over-industrious.  I’ve also been trying to stay on top of weeds which is a never ending battle.  One I’ll never win.  So I just do a bit each day.  If at all possible.

We had such a warm and early start here in Ohio that we have some early risers.  My ‘hens and chickens’ are already out and about in their strawberry pot with out my doing anything.

Speaking of hens and chickens, our village has been considering a new ordinance that would specifically allow for the keeping of backyard chickens.  Chickens have never been, by name at least, illegal here.  A few people even have them already.  But the by-laws do say ‘no farm animals’ so pro-chicken folks have sought clarity through this new ordinance.  Things were looking smooth a few weeks ago when it seemed all of council were on board and our village seemed to be keeping up with modern trends, allowing the keeping of hens.  But suddenly, those prone to village drama (and in my humble opinion, a whole heap of ignorance) started getting loud about all of the ‘questions’ chickens propose.  The crowing (hello! read the ordinance – no roosters!!) The smell (dog poop is worse and there’s plenty of that around the village) The DANGER!!! (I’ve heard of attacking roosters, but never of aggressive hens!)  So now it’s back to attending meetings and snuffing out the nay-sayers and their ignorant, ill-informed fear mongering.  Those of us who plan to keep chickens or already do, are the type of folks who take care of their pets.  We clean up after our dogs and cats.  Our chicken coops will be clean.  The only noise you’ll hear from our hens is the soft cluck-clucking and doh-doh-dohing sounds they make which you can really only hear when you are near them.  I think it’s a bit ridiculous that there is this much hulla-balloo over a few backyard chickens.  There aren’t that many of us in this village who will even want to keep hens.  As one pro-chicken friend of mine so aptly put it at the village council meeting last night, “Really? Seriously?  All this over chickens? Surely this village has bigger fish to fry.”  Speak your truth sister.  I wholeheartedly agree.  I shall keep you posted as to how this all goes in the weeks to come.  More about the chicken hullaballoo can be found here at our Vice-Mayor, Natalie Wolf’s lovely blog Lone Wolf In The Village.

Meanwhile, also village-garden related, the community vegetable garden has been marked off and is ready to till.  We meet in a couple of weeks to get the scoop on how things will work up there.  I am so excited to grow food beyond my sun-starved shady gully where the best I can get are a few kitchen herbs and my winter greens in the cold-frame.  Seriously.  I am SO excited!!!!

But back to my little patch of land… There are plenty of rodents.  Squirrels are a constant source of entertainment and doggie-fantasy.  Iris and River are ever at the Ash Tree trying to surprise them.

We’ve also had a few bunnies hanging around.  Especially early in the day when it’s moist and quiet outside.  I have even done a few sketchy doodles of them….

Not sure who has been nibbling on this mushroom but some little critter has….

and by next week, perhaps this rhody will have bloomed.  I shall keep you posted!


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