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Many of my favorite blogs have semi-routine posts that happen each week, each month or whatever time schedule suits them.  There are some that share a weekly video, or snapshot of their kids, or recent work.  Although I am not much of a ‘routine’ sort of blogger (or person for that matter) I thought it might be fun to try this idea out for a few months on my own blog.  This spring I have been getting out in my garden a lot more than I would normally.  I’m trying to learn about the plants more this year and to at least attempt to keep up out there a little better than in years past.  Even though on the surface this may seem like more chores, I find it has the opposite effect.  If I spend just a little time in the garden in the morning, I feel more grounded and ready to face the world at large.  And time seems to slow down a bit when I dig in the dirt and pull a few weeds.  While out there this morning I realized it might be fun to share what’s cooking in the garden with my blog-readers and that it might make a nice weekly post.  So here goes.

This Tuesday’s ‘In The Garden’ post.  A few snapshots of what’s coming up.  Stay tuned in weeks to come as I garden beyond my shady little gully here in Spring Valley  in our new Village Community Garden beginning this year!  Finally a deer proof and sunny spot to grow some veggies!!  I’ll be posting pics from both my little plot up there as well as the beds down here…

I planted a bleeding heart a couple of years ago…. this is the first time it’s bloomed!

Our biennial Lily of the Valley is going to bloom soon.  One of my favorite smells.

Wisteria vine in full glory.


This bush also has a lovely smell to it’s blooms…. I don’t remember it’s name.  If you know, please let me know!

Our cold frame with some greens.  They have been delicious!!  It’s nice to take advantage of the sunshine before the trees fill in and get our early and late season lettuces.  Notice the netting.  We have quite a few deer who would love to snack at our salad bar.

Little Buckley from next door.  She was sneaking over for a visit.  I think I surprised her!!

This may not look like more than a stick, but if you look closely, there are leaves on it.  We have two of these under our Ash tree out in the front yard.  They are baby PawPaw trees and someday, since there are two, and if they last… they may bear a yummy banana like fruit.  They were gifts from a friend who is connected with the Cincinnati Nature Center about 3 years ago.  I’m excited to see them every year!

That’s just a bit of what’s coming up in the garden.  I also have plenty of dandelions (yum!), wild strawberry, and creeping charlie to keep me weeding for weeks!  But I’m learning that the trick is to show up each day I can and tackle just a little bit.  See ya next week…. if not sooner!

What’s growing in your garden?


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  1. I so miss the Japanese Viberum we had in Virginia. If you find me in your yard with my nose in your flowers you will know why! What a wonderful smell!

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