hothouse flower

I’ll admit to feeling a bit wilted lately, with a full schedule of puppetry rehearsals for the Frisch Marionette production of Peter and the Wolf and the Frog Prince (Frog Prince Himself, above),  actual live Hansel and Gretel shows….

…and the arrival of a chest cold.  But I had to share here a couple of links to High Street’s media blast featuring a series of terrariums I created just for their spring display!  I visited the store yesterday and got a few snapshots of the set up taking shape.  I hope to get  back there this weekend to take some more, but for now, here are my little hothouse beauties in situ.  Do stop in to see them at High Street if you are local here to the Cincinnati area.

You can catch more about High Street’s interest in terrariums as a design trend here.

More soon!!

2 thoughts on “hothouse flower”

  1. The terrariums look great, Amy! I just read HighStreet’s email with your name featured; what a pleasant surprise. Thanks for all of the beauty that you bring to every little thing that you do.

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