‘Today has been canceled. Due to bad weather’

This was the Facebook status of my friend Dave (who is also my trusty flute-maker) and it cracked me up. Indeed, things came to a bit of a halt this weekend with an ice-storm that hit friday evening. We were celebrating the life and spirit of our friend Esme (friday would have been her 16th birthday) and we needed to get home earlier than expected to out run the ice.

We’ve had some damaging ice storms in the past, living as we do in the borderlands of weather. (Not quite north, not quite south) and this one was not a damaging doozy but it was slick and beautiful and it shut down the city for the better part of Saturday. And so we gained the gift of time. Time to make some crafties, time to notice how gorgeous things are when covered in ice. Just time. It’s been nice.

I went out both yesterday and today to gather photos.  Yesterday was truly icy and I stayed close to home.  Everything was covered in a sheet of glistening ice…

By late Saturday, we were able to escape the boundaries of home and were treated to a show of Jazz music at the Blue Wisp Jazz Club, a Cincinnati legend, where my son and some of his musical cohorts have managed to get the recurring gig of Opening Act (6-8 pm) for Saturday night headliners.  These talented kids put on quite a show and I know we’ll be back for more.  If you are local to our town, I highly recommend you check out the music at Blue Wisp.  And now they are in a new location and have a full service kitchen in the works!!

So the ice continued into this morning.  Not so bad, but still somewhat treacherous.  Iris and I ventured out into the neighborhood to check out what the ice and fog had to offer.  We were treated with magic.

A good time was had by all.  Everything was drippy and wet and cold.  We stopped for a bit to watch the miracle of water flowing under ice…

When not out gallivanting in the ice and wet and cold, I was indoors, sipping warm water and making a few things. One such project is a set of linen napkins upon which I printed some black bird silhouettes. Using freezer paper as a stencil, and simple acrylic paint for the image, I think they turned out quite nicely…

I hope the chill of winter is offering you some adventure and beauty to behold…..

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  1. Hi,
    Really like your black bird silhouettes on linen! Also enjoyed the ice pictures and water under ice videos! Worked Sat. Covering the car with a small tarp really helped! January is an intense month….lots of wonderful people born in Jan. Enjoy your blog.

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