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During the past couple of weeks I spent the better part of most days working up the show Hansel and Gretel, as performed by the Frisch Marionettes.  We had a hired rehearsal space at a local community center and hammered out the choreographed details of the show to prepare for what was my first public performance.  Rehearsals are very much an on sort of thing and while I enjoyed it immensely, I found it utterly exhausting.  At one point I admitted that I am not really a performer, per se, and that I find the notion of working for an audience rather daunting.  That begs the question, then why take a job where a big part of it is performing??? My answer to that is the puppets.  I love bringing life to puppets in the spirit of play.  I love having the opportunity to play with these animated sculptures and to give them personality.  I enjoy hanging around with good art and talented artists.  Performing shall be part of this and that is that.  Our first show together went just fine.  We had a wildly cabin-fevered crowd of nearly 300 and I survived the first show jitters.  I’m sure as each show passes, I’ll get more and more comfortable, and the spirit of play I enjoy so much in puppeting will be more and more present.  I love my new job.

Meanwhile, my other jobs continue….

There is a local shop interested in possibly carrying the terrariums I’ve recently put together (I shall let you know as soon as they are available!) and so this morning I took the opportunity to gather some more moss from the back 40 before the temperatures plummet once again.  Juicy juicy juicy!!!!

Yesterday was the deadline for registration for the sketch-journal trip to Taos, NM in June and we have a cozy crew of 8 folks signed on to take this amazing journey with me.  We shall be spending the Summer Solstice there and so there will be much talk of celebrating the longest, lightest day of the year with art and friendship under the clear blue high mountain desert sky.

All of that said, if you are reading this just now and thinking, ‘DANG IT! I missed the deadline!!!’, or ‘man, I wish I lived in Cincinnati and could go to this class!’, well fear not.  First off, you don’t have to live here in Cincinnati to take part in this opportunity.  You can meet us there for the Taos part and I can work with you online/ via phone for the lead up classes….  And, I think I could squeeze ya in past the deadline if you email me that you are interested.  We have a few slots left…..

Special thanks to some of my past students who went out of their way to pass around this opportunity.  Linda posted this on Facebook.  She neglected to mention that her professional photographs of our 2011 trip are stunning and can be found HERE. They are beautiful!!

I am so excited to have flights booked and dates set for this workshop.  It’s incredible and inspiring to me that even in the midst of a struggling economy, people are willing to invest in their own journey toward creativity and the individualization of a magical travel experience.  I do not take this lightly and have wonderful exercises planned for our time in Taos….

But for now, Taos seems a million miles away.  It is raining buckets (again) in our little river valley and we are due for more cold by the end of the day.  The notion of a sunburn feels ludicrous.  It’s a good time of year to hunker down with some soup and embroidery and find my center.  Wishing the same to you….

Grace Under Pressure…



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